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Sci Fi Summer Con 2008 Membership Information

Pre-registration for the 2008 show

  • $15 if Pre-registration by January 1 2008
  • $20 if Pre-registration January 1 thru May 20th.   After May 20 all memberships must be purchased at the convention.
  • Kids 12 years old and younger are FREE!
  • Group rates are $10 per group member until 1 January, then $15 after, and only available in pre-registration. No group memberships are sold at the con, with exception of military / law enforcement veteran group membership. veteran group membership group membership requires proof of service such as I.D., or other proper document.

Onsite or 'at the door' registration for the 2008 show

  • $35 per person for the entire show
  • $15 per person for Friday only
  • $20 per person for Saturday or Sunday only
  • Kids 12 years old and younger are FREE!.


  • CONVENTION MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION FORM stuff - For groups or individuals you can send the completed Sci Fi Summer Con 2008 membership form (PDF version)
    or Sci Fi Summer Con 2008 membership form (Word version) and payment to:

    Sci Fi Summer Con
    P.O. Box 957203
    Duluth, Ga. 30095

    (If your computer does not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF version, click here to download the latest version.)

  • ALERT: Pre-registration is over! All Sci-Fi Summer Con 2008 memberships must now be purchased at the con.


    >>> To purchase the Full $35 door membership by credit card, you can do so thru the Paypal link below =

    Lifetime Memberships

    We are offering lifetime memberships to the con for only $200. You may use PayPal to purchase your lifetime membership. After May 20, all lifetime memberships must be purchased at the convention.

    • When you buy a membership thru Paypal you agree to the following terms (These are also on the printed membership form)

      I agree to be completely responsible for any and all damage I cause to hotel or convention property. I further understand that violation of convention rules will result in the loss of my convention badge and forfeiture of my convention membership. I understand that I participate in all convention activities at my own responsibility and risk. I understand that access to all convention functions requires a convention badge worn in plain sight and that there are no replacements for missing or lost badges. All convention members, patrons, guests, and staff that bring children / minors must register them, and are solely responsible for them while at Sci Fi Summer Con, and all personal property brought to sci fi summer con is the responsibility of the member that brought the personal property.

    5 Year Memberships

    We are offering 5 year memberships to the con for only $80. You may use PayPal to purchase your lifetime membership. After May 20, all 5 year memberships must be purchased at the convention. Important note: the 5 years in this membership are consecutive from year of purchase, e.g., you cannot spread the 5 year membership over 10 years, as that is administratively problematic.


    Refund / Transfer Policy

    We do not offer refunds for memberships unless the convention is cancelled. If you can't attend Sci-Fi Summer Con after you've pre-registered you may transfer your membership to another person. This notice of transfer must be in writing and have the signatures of both the original member and the new member.  We would like to take care of this before the convention but we can process this at the convention.   If it is done prior to the con, it must be done in a timely manner. We understand situations come up, but please understand that we need ample time far in advance to properly administrate a pre-reg transfer.
    If you need to transfer a membership a the convention  please go to our registration desk.  We cannot transfer memberships to a following year.  Once you have a badge you cannot transfer a membership

    Once you have purchased membership, you can also get updates by joining the Yahoo group below.

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    Volunteering for the convention

    The convention runs on staff volunteers.  Working a convention as a volunteer has many rewards

    1. You can get in the show for group rate or cheaper!
    2. You can help run an important function of the convention.
    3. You can work with a great group of friends and associates.
    To get more information about working on staff please email the Volunteer coordinator at
    you can submit a staff membership form as well, here.

    Once you have been accepted to be on staff please join our staff Yahoo group below to keep up with all the information you need for the show as well as posting any comments or questions you might have.

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