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Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show Information

Directors: Felicia and Patrick Roberts

All available art space in the Art Show has sold out!!!!

Participating artists in the Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show

Audre Patricia Mccracken Lee Camara Jennifer Chapman Steven Hill
Josh West Morgan Crone Dana Cavallero John Jay Jacobs Sherri Murphy-Jacobs
Paul Vincenti Randy Cleary Todd Lyles Donna Shuman Ruth Thompson
Sandra Santara Sharon Tananeco Rachael Mayo Jean Jackson Dan Cortopassi
Backbreaker Studios, LLC Deborah Woods Maia B. W. Sanders Mai Q. Nguyen  

We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of the Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show.  This year Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 will be located at the Atlanta Crown Plaza Perimeter NW Hotel, which is in the northern part of the most populated areas in Atlanta, Ga.   Atlanta and the surrounding areas have a large population in the millions. The area has a lot of high tech and entertainment industries that provide a large number of above average salary jobs. This makes Atlanta an ideal place and time to sell art. After the great Sci-Fi Summer Con art show we had in 2003 we expect buyers will be waiting at the door for us to open. 

Panel discussions and demonstrations are very important to the Art Show. If you would like to do a demonstration, be included in programming or panel discussions, do a slide show, or just have some great ideas for art programming, please let us know. The sooner we know your talents or ideas the more likely they are to be included.

Our company, Warpstar Visions, is running the art show in partnership with Sci-Fi Summer Con. If you have any questions about the Art Show, we can be reached by e-mail at: . You can call us at (404) 894-6696 or use our Warpstar Visions mailing address at:

Warpstar Visions
403 Armor Dr.
Loganville, Ga. 30052-6748
Attn: Sci-Fi Summer Art Show

We hope you will decide to join us for the excitement at Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004. 

(Information for Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show Attendees and Buyers click here )

Artist Art Show Information and Rules

The Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show will be held in conjunction with Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 in Atlanta, GA.,  June 11 - 13, 2004 at the Atlanta Crown Plaza Perimeter NW Hotel. To attend the show a Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 membership is required. Artists' who are not attending Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 are not required to have convention memberships to exhibit their artwork.

Please reserve your space in advance soon as we expect to sell out quickly.

There are many different sections to the Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show. The following is a quick orientation.

ART GALLERY: The Art Gallery has many types of space available to display your artwork. We use a standard 4-ft. x 4-ft. pegboard for hanging space. We have many combinations of Art Gallery space listed on the Art Show registration form. We have 6' x 18" tables available as well as floor space. There is a 10% commission charged on all artwork sold in the Art Gallery.

PRINT SHOP: The Art Show has a large area to display prints called the Print Shop. There is no Print Shop fee for attending artists or agented art. There is no limit on number of prints, however, be aware that even though we can display a large number of prints there is a limited amount of space. A 15% commission is charged on each piece sold in the Print Shop.

MAIL-IN ART: We will be accepting a limited amount of mail-in art. Please see rules for details if you would are interested in being a mail-in artist.

DISCUSSIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS: If you would like to do a demonstration, be included on programming or panel discussions, do a slide show, or just have some great ideas for art programming, please let us know by May 1, 2004. The sooner we know your talents or ideas, the more likely they are to be included. Please don't assume that your desired equipment will be readily available. If you would like to do a discussion panel or demonstration please coordinate any equipment or other needs with Art Show Director by the May 1st deadline and we will do our best to provide any supporting resources.

Payments will be mailed to artists in 3 to 6 weeks after the show. The time delay is necessary to allow for the reconciliation of Art Show paperwork, for collecting and delivering on sold art that was abandoned at the show.

Please continue to check this web site and the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror/Space Art Shows Yahoo group at for all the announcements about the Art Show.

If you are an artist interested in participating in this years art show click here for the Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show rules .

For any additional information you may phone us at (404) 894-6696, 9 AM to 5 PM Monday - Friday Eastern Time or for other information we can be reached by e-mailing Felicia and Patrick (be sure to include your snail mail address). We will not be accepting any reservations vi e-mail. We are willing to answer questions by phone and e-mail, but Warpstar Visions must have the fees in hand to guarantee your space.

Information for Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show Attendees and Buyers

The Art Show is open during regular convention hours. There will be daily art demonstrations and most pieces in the Art Gallery are available for bid sale. Items in the Print Shop are available for immediate sale.

We invite you to look at samples of the wonderful types of art work presented each year at the Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show. Please explore the following web pages:


Epilogue is a community of the finest Fantasy and Sci-fi artists and writers around. Among our members you will find experienced professionals as well as the next generation of pros. We offer free gallery space for Fantasy and Sci-fi artists to display their artwork to an ever-growing audience. Our slogan is "Fantasy and Sci-fi at their best" and we work hard to live up to it. All images submitted for the galleries must be approved by our Art Editors. The result is a high-quality platform for self-promotion. Our goal is to help artists promote themselves and their work. Check us out -

Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show Buyer and Attendee Orientation

We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of the Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show. The Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show is a very large and diverse event. It is a very active and exciting function. Art is all about capturing new ideas in one form or another. It's about doing something none has ever done before. One of our goals is to make every attendee that visits the art show say "WOW, I never thought of that before!"

Here's another point. Art is the beginning of many of the creations you as a sci-fi, fantasy, horror, space fan have come to love and cherish over the years. Many of the game developers, writers, movie directors and other creators were in one way or another inspired by the type of art work we have in our art show. Your active participation in the art show helps to start a new wave of creativity for future works. Now let's look at what's inside the Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004 Art Show.

The Art Gallery
In the main art show room the majority of the space is used by the art gallery. The art gallery consists of all the hanging panels, 3-D free standing art in the middle of the room, and all tables not in one of the artist bazaars along the perimeter walls. Please don't feel rushed. Take the time to look at each piece. All artwork will have a piece ID sheet with prices and places to write bids.

The Print Shop :
Adjacent to the art gallery is the print shop featuring limited edition prints from artists in the show. These items are available for the marked price.

Art Show Programming :
You want to learn how they make these wonderful creations. How about watching artists in drawing contests? If your an artist, you can also learn many tips and tricks to help improve and market your art. The art show programming has a huge variety of items for both the attendee and the artist.

The Art Show Art Silent Auction :
Each piece in the art gallery has a sheet of paper attached to it which shows you the prices and also let's you write a bid (See rules below). From the time we open Friday until Sunday 12 pm you can write in a bid on any piece in the art gallery as long as it's at least $1 above the minimum bid price or the last bid someone else placed on the sheet and there are no more than 3 bids on the piece. This time period is called the silent auction. Once a piece has 3 bids on that sheet no more bids can be written on the sheet and it's marked to go to the voice auction where you can try to win it there.

The Art Show Art Voice Auction :
So you found a piece of work that you really must take home. But when you went to buy it someone had already put a bid on it. Now you must go to the art voice auction and win that piece at all costs! The art auction isn't just for the buyers but it's also great entertainment. From the auctioneers building up the pace of the bids to the buyers who can battle it out in an exhaustive contest.

Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show Buyer Rules


  2. Bidder numbers are FREE and are required to write a bid on an art pieces Piece ID sheet, to buy art in the art auction, if you want to buy art and pick it up at a later time, or if you are paying with a check. These bidder numbers are available at the main control desk in the Art Show. This is your personal art show ID. 

  3. All items with 3 or more bids will go to the voice auction on Sunday 1 pm.

  4. Bidding Hours:

    • Bidding can be done anytime during the Art Show beginning from the opening of the convention through Sunday at 12 pm.

    • The voice art show auction will be in a program room next to the art show on Sunday at 1 pm.  Please check the schedule.

  5. Written Bidding: All art in the Art Gallery eligible for sale in the auction must have a Piece ID sheet attached. Included on this sheet is.

    • The Minimum Bid - The lowest bid the artist accept.

    • Quick Sale - A buyer can purchase a piece of art at this price as long as there are no previous bids.

    • After Auction Price - All items available for sale with no previous bids, which are still for sale after the Saturday action, are available at this price.

  6. When you bid on an item, PRINT your name, bidder number, and bid on the first space available on that item's Piece ID sheet.

  7. Bids can be places on the Piece ID sheet at any time during the show until Sunday 12 PM when silent bidding ends. 

  8. On Sunday after 12 pm pieces that remain unsold will be available for the After Auction Price only. All others are considered sold to the highest bidder on the sheet.

  9. DO NOT BID IF YOU DO NOT INTEND TO HONOR YOUR BID! Your written bid is the same as a contract agreeing to buy that item at that price. If no one overbids the last bidder on the written Piece ID sheet, that bidder is the buyer.

  10. Print shop items are marked with their price and may be purchased directly at the main Art Show desk at anytime.

  11. All purses, package, and cameras will be sealed in a bag by security while you view the art. Any bags with the seal broken will be inspected by security.

  12. No food, drink, smoking or cameras allowed in the Art Show without special permission. All other items will be bagged by security while you view the art.

  13. If you want your purchased artwork shipped you must make arrangements either with the attending artist, the hotel you are staying in, or some other means. Sci-Fi Summer Con will not ship any purchased art for you.

  14. You may claim purchased art anytime during the show, but all purchases must be claimed by 4 pm on Sunday . Any buyers who do not collect art they have bid on will have collections procedures instituted against them after the show.

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Bookmarks is an area that artists or buyers can post links to web sites that are art related. These can include artists or art resources web sites. Of course there are many other options. Please feel free to exercise them all.

In order to get the latest news on the Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show preparations for 2004 join the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows group on Yahoo groups today by using the link below. Welcome to the group!

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