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Sci-Fi Summer Con 2006 Table Information

The following is a list of fan groups that have a table at the con.

The following is a list of our dealers for this year.


- Anyone plugging in any power device, including cords, strips, ups, are subject to safety inspection by the convention. If a device is found to be unsafe, it will be required to be unplugged immediately, or not plugged in at all.

- Anyone wanting to use power may only have no more than 2 standard power pull devices plugged in and running at any given time. Any more than that, and the hotel will require an exhibitor power payment fee from the person or persons who plugged in more than that. Anyone wanting to use power for an high usage device must pay an exhibitor power usage fee to the hotel.
For next year, it is likely that any power usage in the dealer/guest/fan area will require a power usage fee.

- all devices producing sound, such as video or cd players, will be required to be kept at a reasonable noise level, low-medium or less. The convention will be regularly checking for all dealers, guests, and fan groups to maintain that level, and remind anyone of that at any time, if they are playing anything too loud.


At Sci-Fi Summer Con we have two types of tables to choose from, Dealer and Fan table. Displaying your information and products at a tables maximises your exposure to the attendees. The following is a list of the tables the convention offers.

Fan tables

If you represent a fan club, another convention or other group that would like to promote itself, we offer these fan tables for free until 1 January 2006 (limit 1 per club) for the entire convention.   After 1 January, they are $10 again, so claim your fan table quickly! also, when we start designing the layout, position of the fan tables can be requested by the fan groups, but will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
Fan Tables do not include a complementary membership. Up to two memberships per table may be purchased at the group rate of $10.00 each.  Please use the membership forms on the memberships page.

Dealer tables

If you are an individual selling merchandise we offer dealer tables for $30 per table before 1 January 2006, then $40 per table after 1 January 2006. [limit 2 per dealer]. 
Dealer tables include one complementary membership per table. One additional membership may be purchased, per table, at the group rate of $10.00 each.  Please use the membership forms on the memberships page.

To purchase a table send the completed Sci-Fi Summer Con 2006 table form (PDF version) or Sci-Fi Summer Con 2006 table form (Word version) and payment to:

Sci Fi Summer Con
P.O. Box 957203
Duluth, Ga. 30095

(If your computer does not have the Adobe Acrobat Reader for the PDF version, click here to download the latest version.)

To get more information about tables at the convention please email the con chair at

or, you can purchase dealer tables thru Paypal, at a slightly higher price.