Sci Fi Summer Con Art Show Information

(original art by Audrey for sfscon03)



Artists: IF you are INTERESTED in presenting art at SFSC or have questions, PLEASE CONTACT THE DIRECTOR

We hope you will decide to join us for the excitement at Sci Fi Summer Con .  

Artist Art Show Information

DISCUSSIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS: If you would like to do a demonstration, be included on programming or panel discussions, do a slide show, or just have some great ideas for art programming, please let us know by May 1 . The sooner we know your talents or ideas, the more likely they are to be included. Please don't assume that your desired equipment will be readily available. If you would like to do a discussion panel or demonstration please coordinate any equipment or other needs with Art Show Director by the May 1st deadline and we will do our best to provide any supporting resources.

Please continue to check this web site and the Sci-fi/Fantasy/Horror/Space Art Shows Yahoo group at for all the announcements about the Art Show.

We invite you to look at samples of the wonderful types of art work presented each year at the Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show. Please explore the following web pages:


Epilogue is a community of the finest Fantasy and Sci-fi artists and writers around. Among our members you will find experienced professionals as well as the next generation of pros. We offer free gallery space for Fantasy and Sci-fi artists to display their artwork to an ever-growing audience. Our slogan is "Fantasy and Sci-fi at their best" and we work hard to live up to it. All images submitted for the galleries must be approved by our Art Editors. The result is a high-quality platform for self-promotion. Our goal is to help artists promote themselves and their work. Check us out -

Do you want to get the latest news in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space art universe?

There is a great new channel of communication now available to everyone that loves Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space art. It's the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows group on Yahoo groups. This group focuses on Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows, art events, creation methods, and the general business of art in these genre's. The art shows can include convention art shows of all sizes (e.g., Dragon*Con, Vulkon, Worldcon, Sci-Fi Summer Con, etc..), online exhibitions and many other events. Public discussions are welcome. Topics will be of interest to anyone (e.g., artists, buyers, art directors, and general attendees, etc..) from a casual interest to people looking to start business. These topics range from art work pricing, what has been selling lately, how to get in touch with an artist for commission work, art event announcements, methods on making art, buyers looking to buy art, legal issues, business practices, and many others.

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The Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows group offers many options important to the artist, art director, and buyer. You can receive all the emails directly to your favorite email account, or just special announcements, or you can set it up to receive no emails and you can then read all the messages on the groups web page. Besides messages, members can participate in real-time chat sessions. Most discussions are not scheduled but there will be scheduled discussions about many topics of interest.

The Files area contains registration forms for artists to participate in art shows and there is free software and documentation for art directors to use at their art show.

Another function is Photos. Artists can post pictures of there art work. The Photos section is a virtual art gallery that is always changing.

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Bookmarks is an area that artists or buyers can post links to web sites that are art related. These can include artists or art resources web sites. Of course there are many other options. Please feel free to exercise them all.

In order to get the latest news on the Sci-Fi Summer Con Art Show preparations for join the Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, and Space Art Shows group on Yahoo groups today by using the link below. Welcome to the group!

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IF you have questions about art at SFSC , PLEASE CONTACT THE DIRECTOR