WEAPONS- All weapons must be carried in scabbards, sheathes or holsters, and peace-bonded. No actual firearms are permitted. No drawing or brandishing of weapons will be permitted. Airsoft guns are allowed, but the pellet magazines must be out of them at all times at the convention, and they are subject to safety inspection by constaff at anytime during the convention. 'Popping' airsoft weapons (firing them while empty of pellets) at anyone at the convention is not allowed. Tape will be available to cover the muzzle of airsoft guns. Violators will be asked to take the weapon to his or her room, vehicle, or surrender it to be stored in con ops until the end of the convention. Failure to comply will result in expulsion from the convention without refund.

Alcohol- The Hotel lounge is the only area where alcohol may be consumed openly. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the convention or Hotel common areas.

Room Parties- Private parties (invitation only, closed room door) are the responsibility of the person, in whose name the room is in. Open parties (open door or open invitation) are once again the responsibility of the person in whose name the room is. No serving of alcohol to minors will be tolerated. Selling food or alcohol is illegal and not permitted.
All parties must have someone responsible on hand for verifying ages of attendees at all times during the duration of the party. The convention staff reserves the right to verify this by spot inspections. In regards to noise, all parties are required to respect other hotel occupants. Should a noise complaint be filed the party will receive a warning to reduce the noise level. Should a second complaint be filed, the party will be instructed to shut down. Violators who fail to comply with this will be remanded to the Police, and will have their memberships revoked without refund.

Drugs- No illegal substances will be permitted at the convention or on hotel grounds. Violators will be remanded to the authorities and their memberships revoked without refund. Anyone with properly prescribed drugs are responsible for maintaining security on those, and are not allowed to pass them around to other people unauthorized to take them.

Smoking- Smoking is only permitted in designated areas. Any violation of this will result in a warning. Failure to comply will result in membership revocation without refund.

Conduct- All convention members are expected to respect the dignity of others. No unsolicited contact, harassment, or verbal abuse will be tolerated. Physical abuse and criminal conduct will not be tolerated. Violators will be warned. Failure to comply will result in revocation of membership without refund. No public nudity at the convention is permitted, except in closed approved appropriate areas, such as your hotel room.

Fraud / Misrepresentation / Theft - This should go without saying, but any staff member or patron misrepresenting themselves or the con to anyone else in the con are subject to revocation of membership and removal from the convention event. Depending on the severity of the infraction, they may be subject to police arrest, or being permanently banned from the convention. This covers bootleg / fabricated badges or memberships, theft of con property, theft of other patron's property, etc.

Contact Events- Contact (such as nerf swords) and simulated combat events will be conducted within designated boundaries and areas. Any act approaching physical abuse or assault will not be tolerated. no body-blocking or unnecessary roughness will be tolerated, only the appropriate level of action as prescribed for the activity, for instance, nerf gun and soaker duels require no physical person-to-person contact whatsoever. boffers (nerf or foam swords) require only the amount of contact of the foam sword, not actual person-on-person contact. more information on each of these is described on the -events- page.
All safety considerations will be observed, including -common sense- safety rules.
No real weapons of any kind are allowed in these events.
Event marshalls / staff be on hand to designate these areas and will enforce these rules of conduct, and answer any questions, as necessary.
If an unsafe act or incident of any type occurs during these events, event staff will call a stop for safety check, but it is required that all stop at that time until it the problem is corrected. also, if any staff or attendee sees an unsafe act or situation at anytime in these activities, they are expected to immediately report it as such, so same corrective action can be done to insure safetly of all participants.
Non-compliance will result in disqualification from the event. Participants enter these events at their own risk and responsibility, and must acknowledge the rules prior to participation in these events.

Children / Minors- SFSC patrons / members who bring children or minors are wholey responsible for there safety, whereabouts, and conduct. SFSC does not provide day care service for children. Children are not permitted in adult events, discussion panels, parties, etc. Parents neglecting their children while at SFSC will be given a warning first if the infraction is mild, or advised to take their children home, or removed from the convention if the infraction is persistent or severe, and asked not to return to the convention.

Lost Badge - Replacements for lost badges may be purchased for the price of a new membership. Should your lost badge be turned in to lost and found then you may reclaim it and get a refund for the new membership. You may check with lost and found first before purchasing a new membership.

Memberships / Badges - Membership / purchase of membership is required to attend Scifi Summer Con, each year, unless you are a confirmed guest speaker, performer, or staff member. Information on purchase of membership is on the Memberships page.
Along with membership, all attendees, guestspeakers, performers, and staff must be issued a badge by registration at the convention, and wear their badges at all times while at the convention, in all convention function areas. All attendees, staff, guestspeakers of any kind are subject to badge check at any time during the convention, in the convention function areas.
If someone is in the convention areas without a convention badge, they must go and get their badge before returning to the convention areas, or purchase membership to get a badge.
If a SFSCon membership badge is lost, please review the rules concerning lost membership badges. If a person is in the convention without a badge, hasn't purchased a membership and badge, and refuses to purchase a membership and badge, they must leave immediately or they will be ejected from the convention areas by convention security, venue security, and / or police. Memberships / badges will be available for purchase even after registration is closed each day, thru security. Questions concerning memberships and badges can be asked prior to the convention thru this website, or at the convention at registration during normal registraton hours, and after hours with head of security.
Information on membership by volunteering for convention staff or applying as a guestspeaker / performer can be found on the Volunteer page and Guests page.

Personal Property - All convention patrons and convention staff are wholy responsible for the handling, accountability, security, and welfare of any/all of their personal property that they bring to SFSC. SFSC does not assume nor accept responsibility for property brought to the convention. A temporary lock up room will be available during the convention, with a sign-in / sign-out sheet, but even then final responsibility of any items secured rests on those who put them into the lock-up room.

Property Damage - All convention patrons and convention staff are wholy and individually responsible for any property damage that they commit at SFSC, to include hotel, hotel room, vehicles, personal property, etc. The simple answer is, if someone gets caught vandallizing something, they are going to pay for it, and in extreme or excessive or deliberate circumstances, get arrested, banned from the con, you know, all that unhappy stuff.

Lost and Found - The location for lost and found is at the convention registration desk. During hours when registration is closed, members may turn in or claim lost items at the convention operations room, next to the con suite. Sci-fi Summer Con claims no responsibility for lost or stolen items.

Personal Agendas - While Sci-Fi Summer Con encourages freedom of speech and thought, no member may engage in or force a discourse on personal agendas / beliefs / politics which is disruptive or offensive to other members, especially in convention areas. Violators will be warned to cease. Failure to comply will result in membership revocation without refund.
This is a SCI FI con, not a dramacon or politicon. Please leave personal and political issues at home before coming to the convention, and just have fun.

Flyers and Advertising - Tables (typically called "freebie tables") will be provided throughout the convention areas for members to put out flyers for advertising their interest groups, other conventions, businesses, and so on. We ask that anyone wishing to do so, get approval from the Convention Chairman or registration before placing them on the table(s) or other authorized areas.
Please refrain from tacking flyers on the walls of the hotel or in the elevators without the hotel's permission, as it normally prohibited by the hotel.
If the hotel / venue does give permission in any particular area, they may require use of particular types of tape to be used in putting up the flyers, please follow their requirements.

Press / Media - Press or media representatives are welcomed to attend the convention or convention activities, however, they require permission / confirmation from the con chairman or registration to do so. Press / media representatives are required to truthfully identify who they are representing (such as radio or TV stations, newspapers, webzines, etc), and agree to rules of conduct listed on this page like the patrons and guests do.
Also, they must agree, in writing, not to photograph or publish photographs of attendees' / staff / guests' faces without their permission, attempt to interview and / or record attendees / staff / guests without their permission, or arbitrarily try to present the convention or attendees in an undue adverse way.

- Staff - All staff members are expected to operate in accordance to membership rules. In addition, staff is expected to abide by the following rules, below.

Dress Code- No offensive or explicit articles of clothing are to be worn while on shift. Also, no tattered or dirty clothing is allowed to be worn while on duty. Lastly, staff may not be dirty or unbathed, daily, while on duty. If necessary, a shower can be provided to staff members on a case by case basis.

Alcohol- Staff members are expected to show up for shift sober. "On call" but not working staff are expected maintain some level of sobriety while at the convention, should they be needed.

Personal Property- Staff members my use convention operations room to secure personal items, as necessary only. In all other cases, they are individually responsible for their personal property.

Convention Operations- Convention operations is off limits to all but designated personnel. Exceptions may be made on a case by case basis. by the chairman, deputy chairman, or operations director. Designated personnel include: Chair, Deputy Chair, Ops Director, Asst. to Chair, Ops Assist, Security Chief, Deputy Security Chief, and Department Directors.

Dispute Resolution- Should a dispute arise with a member which cannot be resolved in a peaceful fashion. DO NOT make PHYSICAL CONTACT with the individual. Defer to security. Should you be attacked, attempt to get away. If the individual continues to act belligerently, then the matter will be referred to local law enforcement immediately. As all attendees are required to wear badges issued after purchase of membership, it is important for any convention staff member to report someone in the convention areas not wearing a convention, and ask them if they have one. If they do not, and do not wish to purchase a memmbership and badge, do not engage in dispute with them, instead advise them that they must leave the convention area, or just immediately call convention security to handle this issue.

Bomb Threats- Area directors handle evacuation to safe location. Area directors will remain until cleared by chair, dep. chair., sec. chief.

Fire- Area directors handle evacuation to safe location. Area directors will remain until cleared by chair, dep. chair., or sec. chief.

Storm- Area directors handle evacuation to safe location. Area directors will remain until cleared by chair, dep. chair., or sec. chief.