Sci Fi Summer Con 2004 Reviews

Well, I had a great time this weekend! Thanks to everyone involved in putting on a good con. I unfortunately didn't get to as many panels as I wanted. Got to meet Audre in the dealers' room and she and her business partner were extremely nice. And speaking of the dealers' room...what an improvement over last year!! Don did a great job as always with the video and film rooms; big props to Joe and staff for a smashing con suite (one suggestion to make it better, though: next year, show the "Lord of the Rings" marathon twice through instead of just once!).

In spite of a technical difficulty, my "Doctor Who" film went over very well. Had 25 people in the room, and I was told that there were others in the hallway who didn't stay because they couldn't get into a room.  Everyone loved it and I got many compliments (and even 2 presents!) throughout the weekend about how enjoyable it was. I'll definitely be doing it again next year.

Thanks everyone! Had a smashing time! Here's to next year!

All the best,

-Alan Siler,
Atlanta Outworlders

Review from Georgia State University's student magazine

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  • Review from Evan and Karen Reynolds

    Thank you for allowing me to be a part of the convention. I made new friends, had a blast, and hope we can make it happen again next year. I don't know how successful it was moneywise, but for the attendees, it was very successful. The word will get out about this con and will attract more people at the next. The Crown Plaza staff was very happy with the conventioneers. .....Travis

    Review from Browncoats (Firefly fan club)