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Would you like to apply to be a celebrity guest panelist/event M.C. at Sci-Fi Summer Con 2004?
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Atlanta Radio Theater Company
Since 1984, the Atlanta Radio Theatre Company has been performing, recording, and broadcasting dramatic audio -- fully dramatized, fully sound-scaped audio drama, far beyond the readings and "audio books" you can find in every bookstore. We like to think that what we do is classic "old-time radio", as it would sound with today's technology and dramatic techniques.
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Vince Barrale
When he was a kid, back in the 60's, he used to build any models he could get his hands on. He built everything from the tall masted 'Hartford' sailing ship to the USS Enterprise NCC-1701. (If you dont know what that is, you are on the wrong website).

Of course, as he got older, school and girls took up more time so model building went away. He got back into it when he was in college, inspired by Star Wars and especially Battlestar Galactica.

From that point on, he was hooked on scratch building Sci-Fi ships. He began to add electronic lighting circuits and fiber optics. Once he began to move around the country with his Engineering career, he learned about model building clubs and began to enhance his skills and techniques by learning from other adult model builders. He started entering contests in 1989 and hasn't stopped yet. He has organized and run several IPMS chapters around the country and belongs to four model clubs here in Atlanta.
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Bob Burden

Bob Burden's strange and unpredictable comic work has been entertaining, thrilling, and mystifying comic readers and cross-over audiences for more than 20 years now. In the early 80's, Bob redefined an often stale and derivative medium with bold strokes and grandiose flagrancy. Starting with the legendary FLAMING CARROT COMICS (the further adventures of the strangest man alive) Bob brought a sense of whimsical fun to the overly serious superhero genre by combining his off-the-wall concepts with compelling characters and strong storytelling.

His subsequent Mysterymen series set the tone for a new breed of hard core, neo-realistic, politically incorrect, post-post-modern superheroes with mediocre powers, brutal methods and no regrets. While Mysterymen was made into a 1999, cult-classic movie at Universal starring Ben Stiller, Janeane Garofalo, William H. Macy, and Pee Wee Herman, it failed to capture the dark humor and revisionist style of the comic series.

Burden is currently working on projects for both comics and the big screen.
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Mitchell Graham was born in New York City. He attended college at Ohio State University on a fencing scholarship and went on to earn a law degree from the University of Texas. After practicing law for twenty years he went back to school and received a doctorate in Neuropsychology from the University of Miami.

He has represented the United States many times in international fencing competitions. Along the way Mitchell won or placed in the finals of over 83 separate fencing competitions. Among these were the State Championships of Georgia, Texas, Florida, and Ohio, as well as four Southeastern Men's Foil titles.

His first novel, "The Fifth Ring," was won the prestigious Delmont-Ross Literary Contest and was awarded the gold medal in fantasy and the overall grand prize. A sequel entitled, "The Emerald Cavern," was released in late December, 2003. His mystery novel, "An Act in Balance," is due out in August of this year.
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Thomas Green
Games, Music, Dealer, Comics, Film

Tom has been an all around sci-fi convention Fan and Guest since the 70's. His credits include game design work on "StarFleet Battles", and the "Myth Fortunes" board games. He has also worked on computer games on and off since the early 80's starting with a little game called StarLords. He is currently the CEO of a new startup game development company in Atlanta called "Service Bay 12"

In addition to all this, Tom is here with Joe Tripp promoting BatWolf films. His music can be heard in many parts of the movie. Tom's music work is fairly well known in Southern fandom as he has often been pulled aside at a convention by folks wanting to hear him play a rendition of "The Wood Elf", a song he wrote in 1987. He always seems to have his portable keyboard somewhere nearby so he can accomodate these request.

Tom has also shown up as a walk-on character in a film or two, and has wriitten one liners and zingers for comics such as Star Drek and Bill Levy's Black Widow Comics. Oh and if you don't know anything about Tom that has been mentioned here - then visit him at his table in the Dealers room, and I'm sure he will sell you something, while telling you old war stories of the conventions of the by-gone era's of fandom. Run while you can!
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James "Sinistrahd" Herda

His first experience with Laser Tag was at the age of 7. His uncle had joined a local club in Chicago’s suburbs that used WoW (World of Wonder) Lazer Tag gear. Upon seeing the gear he became obsessed with playing with it any time he was at his house, though all he could do was target practice, since he didn’t know anyone in his neighborhood to play with… Eventually, his uncle grew tired of his gear and gave it to me. he and a friend would play on our block for hours. Eventually his parents got me a Starbase to add to the games too. After that there was no more gear in the stores, as WoW had dried up. Lazer Tag resurfaced when he was in high school, and he like to think the games me and friends would play in the halls before school remain fond memories to them. After High School he joined the military as a Naval Nuclear Technician. This meant he was surrounded by a bunch of people who thought on the same wavelength as me, and we had some very fun games on the training command base.

After that, though, Lazer Tag once again disappeared from the stores. Eventually he completed his training and moved up to Washington state to finish out his tour aboard the USS Carl Vinson, a nuclear powered aircraft carrier. Once we came back from our first long deployment, he recalled that the Seattle area had been sort of a focus for Laser Tag gaming with a large club there that played almost every month. He began to do some research, and found that the group’s game sizes and frequency had been steadily dropping off. After that, he began to get in touch with everyone in the area that he could, with the intention of revitalizing the club. he began to work with a couple of the die hard players, and we threw a total of 6 “Bremerbattles” in Bremerton Washington, and also got permission and played a day’s worth of games at the Benson Battery of the Coastal Fort Worden.

A lot of the people up here are now his good friends, and there are several new players who are going to try to keep the games running with his departure imminent. he have a feeling that Laser Tag won’t die down in this area for quite a while… on several of his trips home during his time in the Navy, he started to plan a Lazer tag club with some friends in Illinois.

In preparation for this club, he have built the Nuclear Dawn Laser Tag Club website, at At first, he simply wanted to get a group of people together to play tag in the local parks; however, he soon learned that police, city officials and park officials looked at Lazer Tag in the same light as paintball. In order to help show them the difference between the two sports, he has decided that his club will also participate in several hours of community service cleanup of any park we play at per year. Not only will this boost the image of Lazer Tag to the general public, it will also attract a more mature group of players to the club. He would also like to conduct fundraisers for local schools and other charitable projects, but he will have to talk to the local city councils and nonprofit organizations in order to set this up.
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Lambda Psi Phi is a local live Rocky Horror Picture Show cast, performing every Saturday night at midnight at Peachtree Cinemas and Games. Their past performances at Sci-Fi Summer have been big hits, and we're pleased to have them back again this year, for Rockeoke and their midnight show.
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Best known as "Lacey Underall" in CADDYSHACK, and "Yori" in TRON, Cindy Morgan was born Cynthia Ann Cichorski on September 29 in Chicago, Ill, not far from Wrigley field. The daughter of a Polish factory worker and German mother, Cindy survived 12 years of Catholic school and was the first in her family to attend college.

While studying communications at Northern Illinois University, Cindy spun records on the radio. A commercial station in town wanted her to report the news for them as well, and so a slight deception was needed. She used the name Cindy Morgan, taken from a story Cindy read about Morgan le Fay when she was twelve years old.

After graduation, Cindy gave all the latest meteorological news on a TV station in Rockford, Ill. She also kept her hand in radio by working the graveyard shift at a local rock station. Then she returned to Chicago and deejayed on WSDM (now WLUP). During a labor dispute at the station, she literally quit on the air and walked out with a record still spinning on the turntable.

She found employment at auto shows for Fiat, which took her to both coasts. Cindy moved to Los Angeles in 1978, and became the Irish Spring girl. While she did TV commercials, she studied acting, and was rewarded with her first screen role in CADDYSHACK, playing the role of Lacey Underall, an over-amorous ingenue.

Disney made film history with TRON, the first computer-generated film. Cindy played two characters: Lora, a compute programmer in the "real" world, and Yori, her alter-ego in the film's computer generated flights of imagination.

Cindy Morgan's television credits to date include "Falconcrest", "The Larry Sanders Show", "Amazing Stories" and "Bring 'Em Back Alive".

Cindy also associate-produced five films with Larry Estes, best known for "Sex, Lies and Videotape".

She's now finishing her first book, a story about how a nice Catholic girl became Lacey Underall in CADDYSHACK.

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Mike Muenter
Dungeon Master

Started playing the Advanced Dungeons and Dragons system in '77 as a player character. By '79 had run several campaigns as a dungeon master and started the creation of an entire world. That world would later be the basis for an ongoing 10+ year game.

Although currently not role playing he is working with Vince Barrale on a series of books based on the characters and their exploits drawn from the AD&D world he created.

Jim O'Rear
Actor, Makeup Artist, Stuntman, Screenwriter, Magician

Jim O'Rear has been involved in the entertainment industry for over twenty five years, beginning his career on tour as The Youngest Professional Magician with David Copperfield, Harry Blackstone Jr., and The Great Tomsoni and opening for acts like Cheap Trick and John Anderson.

With his "magical" background and having been trained in New York at The American Academy Of Dramatic Arts, it was only natural that Jim move into the realm of film, television, and theatre where he has worked steadily as an actor, stuntman, and special make-up effects artist on such projects as Day Of The Dead, Star Trek 4, The Vampire Wars, Lethal Weapon 3, Creature Feature, Hayride Slaughter, Cop & ½, Psycho Beach Party, Evita, Little Shop Of Horrors, No Retreat No Surrender 3, Mortal Kombat: Conquest, and many more with many actors.

Wanting to get some of his own ideas onto the screen, Jim successfully moved into the area of screenwriting. Although competition is tough, he has written and sold a number of horror-related screenplays, including The House Of Pain (in development with Robert "Freddy" Englund, Gunnar "Leatherface" Hansen, Tom "Friday The 13th" Savini, Bill "ChopTop" Moseley, and Debbie "Scream Queen" Rochon), Hayride Slaughter, Hayride Slaughter 2, and The Deadly Obligation. Jim also placed as a finalist for the top horror screenplay of 2003 with the TSA.

Currently, Jim continues to work as an actor and stuntman on several films per year, having just completed a new Manson-based movie with Linnea Quigley titled Miss Maniac, making a cameo in the upcoming horror film Skarecrow, playing a zombie slayer in Dead End, starring and acting as martial arts stunt coordinator on The Corruptors, appearing in the The Dollhouse with Steve Railsback and Danielle Harris, starring with Lynn Lowry in I Eat Your Flesh aka It Feeds (a follow-up to the cult classic I Drink Your Blood), appearing in Day Of The Axe with Tom Savini, and is in development deals for two more of his screenplays (with fellow magician Myron St. John, horror actor R.A. "Leatherface 3" Mihailoff, and Texas Chainsaw 3 director Jeff Burr). Jim's production company, Underground Entertainment, is also turning out Haunted Industry magazines and how-to books as well as a new haunted house how-to video and DVD series.

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SPACESEED is The United States premiere space rock outfit. Fresh from a collaboration with Hawkwind co founder and British progressive music legend Nik Turner. A collaboration which yielded two U. S. tours and the celebrated CD Future Cities Of The Past PT1. This release has since been voted into the top 100 progressive rock discs of 2004. Paired with a fantastic light show provided by The Southern Lights Psychedelic light show this should prove to be the most out there performance this side of The Horse Head Nebulae.

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J. Alan Tripp
Director, President/CEO - Batwolf Films

Born Ft. Stewart, GA in 1961 and grew up in Rossville and Chickamauga, GA. For years he has loved movies and he did some acting in High School. But it was not until 2 years ago when some one came to him and said 'lets make a movie', did he find the passion for filmmaking. So he studied every bit reference material on the subject. A year and half later, September of 2001, he was Co-Director on a project called SUDS which is still in post production. Then in May of 2002 he began what was to become his first feature Behold The Raven The first of a trilogy.
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